Cartel (Reg. TM) Board Company

In 1996 a small core group of reps & riders set out on a mission to create a company like no other.
We tried to approach the sport of Bodyboarding as though it was just as worthy as all the other cool high digit sports out there.

Some of us were bodyboarders, surfed hard boards, skated, snowboarded, shaped, created art, ran sales crews, did photography and just plain enjoyed life.

Over the past 16 years we had to learned how to evolve the Cartel (Reg. TM) to make it through the highs and the lows of being in business. By now we have figured out one thing for sure. You better love this sport or you might as well beat it kook!

Heart not $$$$$ is what make us stay at it. We have been screwed, sued and ripped off by the biggest and smallest companies in the Surf, Snow and Skate Industry all in attempt to kill the only bodyboard company out there making a run
at putting your sport in the lime light.

Cartel (Reg. TM) is now the leader in innovation in water TEC gear. We have expanded our product line to include flow boards, action photography accessories, skateboards, beach cruisers, clothing, leashes and a few surfboards here and there believe it or not.

We are also very involved in the industry as a whole. We are like the re headed step child of the ASR industry. We get smacked around by all the big boys but we are still here. All we can do is thank all of you that have helped us through the journey called business.

Our logo, The Wreath, was chosen to represent the mark of excellence our riders and customers demand from a high quality product.  When you buy a Cartel you are keeping ethical work in the USA going, helping real bodyboards  pay the
rent, supporting a crew of dedicated shapers and securing the future of handmade quality product for years to come.

Without you there would be NO us, Fore ever in your debit,

The Cartel Board Company

© 2016 CARTEL